Millennium Con 12+1, 2010 in Pictures

Millennium Con 12+1 proved to be a fun-filled, game-packed weekend for all who attended. In addition to the people there for gaming, we met a lot of great vendors as well: Splintered Light Miniatures, 2 Hour Wargames, Combat Painter StudiosBattle Mart, & Reaper Miniatures.

Reaper hosted a paint-&-take through-out the convention, offering the chance to try out their paints on a Reaper miniature that you could then take home for free. Bryan and Shannon were gracious enough to let us paint a couple of our own Reaper minis to try out their paints. (This also provided the opportunity to paint a couple of our gaming group's adventurers for our Warhammer Quest party - a double bonus!)

Having primarily used Citadel paints from Games Workshop to paint miniatures, the quality of Reaper paints offered a pleasant surprise. It also seems the design of their bottles would prevent some of the issues with drying out that Citadel paint pots have - which means less wasted paint in the long run.

Featured miniatures painted by GeektGear.com Co-Owner, Alisha K. Ard

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