Miniature Monday #3

This week's featured miniature is a Sorcerer with a conversion from the original. As you can see from the following picture, this guy has had a staff upgrade (done by our good friend Keith Unger) and has grown a beard since he left the production line at Reaper miniatures.

Miniature Painting Tip #3 - Selecting your color scheme

When painting miniatures for gaming purposes, sometimes your color scheme is chosen for you by the game - chapter colors for 40K Space Marines, for example. In RPGs you often have more freedom to paint the model as you choose.

The color scheme of the commissioned miniature above was generally based on a painting - which is a great way to find colors that appeal to you. If you don't have a starting reference, however, a good place to start is a color wheel.

One common approach when painting miniatures is to use complementary colors to create visual appeal and contrast. There are many other ways to produce harmonious color schemes from the color wheel as well that are worth learning. For a brief overview of color theory and introduction to color harmony, click here. Keep in mind you will want high contrast to bring out the details of the miniature.

Painted miniature and Article by: Alisha K. Ard

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